About the Author: Diane Neff, Ed.D.

I work to create success for students.

As an instructor for Strategies for College Success, I learn as much from my students as they do in my class.  Together we have discovered and tested many strategies to find and use student strengths so they can discover their own best methods of learning and earning the rewards of grades, friends, and finally careers.

All comments, as well as new techniques for students, are very welcome.  Every student success helps improve our world.

Diane Neff, Ed.D.

Orlando, FL

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/dianeneff


3 thoughts on “About the Author: Diane Neff, Ed.D.

  1. Your blog is great! Is there a strategy # that you feel is the most important? Thanks

    • I just discovered your blog as well, and look forward to hearing of all your adventures out of the box!

      The strategy most important – in school or life – is simply showing up and being present in the moment. You can’t learn if you aren’t actively focused and involved. It sounds like you are living that exact strategy.

      What advice do you have from your perspective? Did your education prepare you to live and work in Nicaragua?

      • We are true believers in education and want to help spread the opportunity of education to everyone. My education opened mind up and definitely prepared me to work and live abroad. My advice is very similar to yours and I would also add to go into everything with an open and creative mind. Think outside of the box, if you will 🙂 Always be open to learning in every way possible–through higher education, traveling, experiencing new cultures, being outside of your comfort zone and creating something of your own. Life is all about learning and I look forward to learning from you with your many great tips!

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