A New Chapter in Student Success (Post #77)

I am sitting at a desk only temporarily mine, shifting into a cubicle for a while until a remodeling is completed, then moving into an office at a new job as a lead instructor and facilitator, an advisor and mentor, a trainer and administrator at a career college. 

The numbers are lower – from 60,000 students at my former university, to just over 400 here.  There are fewer degrees offered, although unlike many career colleges, this one offers degrees rather than certificates.  Students complete an associate’s degree including their general education courses, giving them a well-rounded education as well as skills in a specific career field. 

Also unlike many career colleges, we are a not-for-profit educational institution, meaning that we answer to the goals of education rather than the interests of shareholders. 

It’s a unique opportunity to reach out to students who have a career path in mind, who are willing to work hard to develop themselves beyond the basic skills.  Our students are guided by principles of self-actualization, self-efficacy, self-regulation, and the self-fulfilling prophesy that if they believe in themselves and work toward their dreams, they will succeed.

I am looking forward to learning even more about helping these students find their success through education and move onward to a satisfying career and fulfilling life.  I will be sharing my insights on what helps these students, and whether there is a difference in needs among undergraduate students at large research universities and small career colleges.

I hope you’ll follow and add your thoughts, comments, and questions, to mine.



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