Student Success Strategy #72: And Even More Advice from Students

Here is the third list from my students, who give advice based on what they wish they would have known, or what they learned in their first semester in college.  How much of this could pertain to you?

“You might get homesick, but don’t go home every weekend.  Get involved and make some new friends instead, and even your classes will seem better.”

“If you start getting depressed, see a counselor.  I went to one only because my roommate practically insisted I go.  She said she didn’t want to come into the room to a dead body or a freaked out zombie, and she was worried about me.  I was mad at her at first, but she was right.  I just needed to find out that a lot of other students feel like this too, and there are ways to deal with it.”

“If you want to be different, college is a great time to try on different personalities, but people in your high school and home life are going to run into people in your college life and you will be caught in your lies.  And don’t do anything you’ll be ashamed of because people will find out.”

“The easiest time to make new friends is in the first couple of weeks, when everyone is lost.  You can be stupid together and laugh about it later.  Even if you are shy, walk into things and introduce yourself to somebody.  It won’t always work out, but you may find someone who needs you to be a friend who isn’t a total psycho.  Then if there is a psycho who wants to be friends with you, you’ll have protection!”

Student Success Strategy #72:  Other students have survived.   You can experiment if you are smart about it.


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