Student Success Strategy #70: Advice from Students

I’ve collected some of the advice that my students wrote in one of their success assignments over the years.  This assignment asked them to write a letter to a high school senior, giving the advice they wish they would have received prior to coming to college.

“Don’t rely on one alarm clock.”

“Everything else seems urgent when you need to study.  It isn’t.”

“It costs a lot more than you planned for.  Buy used books or share a book with a friend in the same class.”

“Get involved early, but with only one or two clubs.”

“Sit in the front row and smile.  Introduce yourself to your professor.  Go to office hours.   This is not kissing up, but managing your image with someone who is going to give you a grade.”

“Don’t procrastinate.  Really.  Get things done as soon as they are assigned and you’ll avoid lots of stress.”

“Ask a lot of questions, even if you know the answers.  Your teacher will think you are paying attention.”

“Don’t believe every guy who says  he really likes you.  It’s not his brain talking.”

“Use your meal plan.  You can’t afford anything else.”

“Facebook is not your friend.”

Student Success Strategy #70:  Listen to other students for good advice.


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