Student Success Strategy #69: What Do You Need To Learn?

You are in school, studying, writing papers, taking tests and collaborating on group projects.  After earning a degree, you want to establish yourself in a career.

“Here I am, World!  Pay me!”

But have you learned anything about working?  You may be the genius in your stock market economics class, the star of your social work program, or the dream student for your favorite professor, but there are workforce skills you must master to succeed in your career.

This is one reason why internships, externships, and co-op learning experiences are so important while you are in college.  By participating in these, you see and learn first-hand what the work world requires of you.

The shirt with the three-leaf logo on it?  Might be okay for class.  Not okay for the workplace.  Not even to walk in to pick up an application.

Skip a day just because you felt like it?  You might be affected by a loss of points in class, but skipping work?  A great way to lose a job.

Arguing with fellow students on a project?  You need to learn negotiation, conflict resolution, and anger management skills for the workplace.

What if you are almost done with your academic studies and there is no time to commit to a semester-long internship?

Your career services office can help.  Eligibility for their services usually includes alumni, so don’t ignore them after graduation.

But wait!  There’s more!  There are  many services in the community to help you get a job and learn the skills needed to be an excellent employee.  If you have already graduated – whether recently or many years ago – and now need help with employment opportunities and skills, check them out!   They have work skills seminars, resume-writing services, and interviewing practice sessions.  Some of these community organizations even find you paid internships that can lead to permanent positions.

Student Success Strategy #69:  What do you need to learn?  More than what’s covered in your classes.



One thought on “Student Success Strategy #69: What Do You Need To Learn?

  1. Great advice. Thank you!

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