Student Success Strategy #64: Avoiding Professors’ Pet Peeves

Professors are people too.  Yes, it’s a radical idea, but they do their grocery shopping, and their laundry, and take their car in for oil changes (thanks for always reminding me to do that while I was away at college, Dad!).

There are some things that are common to most professors.  Things that really bother them about what students do.  Here are a few of their pet peeves:

1.  Sleeping in class.  Professors know that there are times when you’ve been studying all night, are feeling ill, or there is a valid reason why you came to class when you couldn’t concentrate, and no matter how much you fought it, your eyes were closing and you fell asleep.

If it happens once, they will understand – kind of.

If it happens often, they will wonder why you bother coming to class.

You may have heard that simply coming to class is a big help to your successful completion of the class.  That’s obvious to most students.

But coming to class and sleeping through it, hoping to absorb some information simply by being there?  Not a good plan.

Do what you can to avoid this, while still showing up in class.  Because the second pet peeve of professors is not coming to class regularly, or at all!

Student Success Strategy #64:  Avoid Professors’ Pet Peeves:  Come to class, and stay awake.


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