Student Success Strategy #62: Go Team!

I never attended a single football game while I was in college.

Big mistake.

I’m not thrilled with football, or even most sports in general, but I missed out on one of those experiences you just can’t get once you leave college.

Oh sure, as a working adult you can go to football games, but you won’t be part of the identity of the team, and you won’t have a built in cheering section including you as a vital part of them.   Even if you aren’t impressed by the commitment to the school that the athletes made and are making every day in practice, even if you think they should pay more attention to academics, and even if you think they are idolized way beyond their worth, being part of the student section at a football game is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

It’s like orientation, homecoming, or even graduation.  Think of it as a ceremony that you don’t really understand until you are part of it.  You can read about it, watch it on video, and talk to others about their experience, but you can’t feel the excitement or discover why it exists until you are in the middle.

Have you been to a concert where you became part of the mob of fans?  You could feel the excitement; you were simply part of that body of humanity.   Heartbeats were in unison.  It made the experience yours.

Or were you ever an actor in a play, feeling the group dynamic among the cast? There was an electricity between the players that radiated to the audience, including them in the fantasy of the story.

Think of football as that concert, that play, or that event that you feel rather than watch.  Become part of a tradition, even if you experience it just once.  Years later, you will understand the crazy actions of the student fans on tv, knowing exactly how they were feeling, being and becoming part of their college and growing the pride in their education as well as their fun.

Student Success Strategy #62:  Go Team!  Become part of a tradition.  Add to your pride as you grow and learn.



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