Student Success Strategy #60: Long Weekends

It’s Labor Day, and classes are canceled.  What did you do for the long weekend?

Many students living on campus or in apartments nearby return to their parents’ homes for long weekend, including Labor Day.  Is this a good idea?


If you have made a few friends, feel comfortable with getting around campus, and would like to compare notes with your former high school friends who attend other colleges, this could be a good break for you.

If you feel unsure of yourself, don’t know where everything is on campus, and need to save a little money, staying on campus might open up new opportunities.  Just like visiting a college or beginning in the summer, there will be fewer students around.  It’s a great time to take a casual walk to scope out the location of all those places you haven’t yet been.  Where is the health center?  Where is the writing lab?  If the recreation center is open, you can check out the fitness machines without so many watching you.

You may also run into others who are a little lonely, and make friends you wouldn’t otherwise find in your classes or in your dorm.  Ask them questions about their classes, their dorms, their schedules.  Compare notes on your roommates, and laugh at some of the things you found out were really not true about college.

Don’t forget that this would be a great time to review your schedule for the next few weeks, including due dates, catch up on a little reading or do a little research for a project, and of course, take a nap or just chill for a while and enjoy the time without having to interrupt your day with a class or two!

Student Success Strategy #60:  Long weekends can be a good break, but they can also be a casual education on the things you don’t do on class days.


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