Student Success Strategy #59: Dropping Classes

You may have already missed the deadline for adding a class, or swapping out one class for another, but it is not too late to drop a class you don’t need.   The deadline to drop a class is usually in the middle of the semester, although any refunds of tuition and fees for the class may be prorated beginning after the first week.

Before you drop any class, though, consider all the consequences.

1.  Is it too late to add a class in place of the one you are dropping?

2.  Will your semester hours be too low to maintain full-time status, if your scholarships or other student financial aid programs require you to be a full-time student?

3.  Is the class you are dropping a requirement for graduation?  A requirement for your major?

4.  If the class is a requirement, does it make sense to take it later rather than now?  Will the timing make it difficult to get any specific class sequences scheduled?  Could this result in a delayed graduation?

5.   Will dropping the class give you an opportunity to work during the semester, participate in school activities, or maintain a better grade point average among your difficult classes?

6.  SEE YOUR ADVISOR for answers to the above questions.  SEE YOUR ADVISOR even if you know the answers.  Your advisor can help you plan your future semesters to be more efficient and effective, and may be able to work around a few of the unwanted consequences.

Student Success Strategy #59:  Dropping Classes:  Is it a good move?  A bad move?  See your advisor to make it work for you.   


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