Student Success Strategy #56: New Beginnings of Success

For many colleges and universities, today is the first day of the fall semester.  What does that mean to you?

In college, it often means that you find your classrooms, meet your professors, pick up a copy of the syllabus for each class, and buy your books.  Then you go back to your dorm, or back to your apartment, or back to your home, and do nothing toward your goal of graduation.

This year, make it better.

Read through that syllabus for each class.  Mark all the due dates for assignments and all the quiz and test dates and put them on a single, highly visible calendar.  Immediately you can see whether there are pockets of time where you will need to clear your other activities, and openings where you’ll have some time to relax.

Don’t forget to write in final exam dates and times, as they may be at times different from when you actually attend classes.

Now, mark in other important dates – birthdays you will actually celebrate with an event, weekends away, concerts you’ll attend, homecoming activities, and any other major time commitments or minor but important events.

Are there any conflicts?

Sort out your priorities now, when you are not caught up in the excitement of a friend urging you to ignore your long term goals in favor of an unplanned distraction.

By planning ahead and following through with an organized study plan, you can say “yes” to friends for some of those unplanned events – just not all of them.  And by creating this new beginning for yourself, YOU are in charge of your goals.

Student Success Strategy #56:  New Beginnings.  Take advantage of the beginning of the semester to make it successful.


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