Student Success Strategy #54: Help comes in many forms

Having just returned last night from the biennial conference and convention of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, I am thrilled to say that this honor society, the country’s largest, oldest, and most selective to include all disciplines, is also the most generous.

Phi Kappa Phi has always promoted monetary awards for continued educational pursuits.  For the first time, the Society will award one million dollars per year to help deserving students and other lifelong learners.  Yes, that’s $1,000,000 – SIX ZEROES.  In one year.

In addition, along with the changes in bylaws and governance, the conference included educational sessions focusing on teaching strategies, personal branding, and other timely and pertinent topics for the participants.  These conferences provide opportunities for your professors, college deans and presidents, and other educators to learn from each other and bring the best of the ideas back to benefit their students.

I was honored to present one of the workshops, and those in attendance gave me outstanding ideas on ways to enhance and improve my concepts.  I am busy this week processing the notes I took, reviewing the video of the presentation for those items on which I couldn’t take detailed notes, and of course recovering from intense networking with more than 300 colleagues in higher education.  Whew!

Money, feedback, and friendship – all benefits from one organization.  I’m proud to be a member of an honor society that helps in so many ways.  Thank you, Phi Kappa Phi!

Student Success Strategy #54:  Help comes in many forms.  Take advantage of the opportunities from your associates, whether students, professors, or organizations.


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