Student Success Strategy #51: Clean Your Room?

There is a commercial on television right now with a woman in a full-body pajama-like jumpsuit.  She’s rolling around on the floor to pick up the dirt.  Her friend tells her to get whatever product it is that cleans better.

She stole my idea!

When I first when to college, my roommate Jackie and I put on sweats and rolled around the tile floor to pick up the lint.  Without bringing any cleaning supplies, we figured our floor could be clean, the washer would take the lint out of our clothes, and we’d have fun at the same time.

Our third roommate and her mother walked in about that time.  This was the young woman who had written each of us a letter with a cleaning supplies list, our individual responsibilities circled, followed by smiley faces.  Jackie and I had each ignored the letter, without any contact between us.

“Have either of you shared a room before?” asked her mother.

Janey’s mop, broom, dustpan, and Comet went into her part of the closet.

Aside from the obvious mismatch in roommates, what will you do about keeping your room clean?  Does your college offer maid service?  Most do, in part to protect against students like Jackie and me.  I recommend taking that option if there is a choice.  Even if you are neat at home, why not have your living space as clean as possible to avoid roommate conflicts, but even more important, so learning can be your first priority?

Student Success Strategy #50:  Clean your room?  Or have someone else do it?  Someone’s got to think about it.


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