Student Success Strategy #48: Student ID Cards

Your college mug shot student ID photo may not be your best look, but it will get you the benefits you deserve!  Keep it with you at all times, and if it is lost, replace it immediately.

Marco wanted to pick up discount tickets on campus for a weekend movie on the other side of town.  When he arrived at the ticket window in the student union, he couldn’t find his ID card.  While he was at the window trying to convince the work-study student behind the counter to look him up in a database, he overheard that there were free vouchers for cab rides back to campus for those times when someone doesn’t have transportation – or when a designated driver “forgets” to order a soft drink.

He needed his ID card for that too.

Walking back into his residence hall, he saw his friends in the lunch room, so he was going to grab something with them.  His meal ticket was encoded into his ID card, though, so not only did he go hungry, he couldn’t even join them at their table.

He vowed to find the card once he got back into his room.   On the way, though, he ran into some friends and they convinced him to join them for pizza and beer.  Then they were all heading over to a basketball game.  Unfortunately, Marco couldn’t get in free without his ID card, and he had used the last of his money on extra beer.   His “campus cash” was part of the smart chip on his ID card.  He went back to his room alone.

Most colleges expect or require you to have your ID card with you at all times while you are on campus.   Even if they don’t, the card usually has privileges associated with it.   Don’t miss out because you left it behind.

Student Success Strategy #48:  Your student ID card.  Don’t leave home without it.


2 thoughts on “Student Success Strategy #48: Student ID Cards

  1. Yes, student ID cards are pretty awesome. Unfortunately many small towns and businesses don’t offer student discounts. In my opinion, there is no future for the business that does not consider the limited budget of a student!

    • That sounds like a great student project – maybe a business student club should solicit discounts in those small towns – good practical experience dealing with businesses and a possible benefit for all students (it would definitely earn votes toward campus royalty!). Thanks for your comment!

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