Student Success Strategy #46: Low Tech Winners

Sarah was the student who seemed to know everything.  If you asked her a question about her major, she knew the requirements, her future class schedule, and even which professors were teaching the classes.  She knew what research was being conducted in the department, which clubs and honor societies were helpful, and even where to find next year’s apartment.

She was almost never seen on a computer, and used her cell phone only when necessary – in other words, she was not “connected” like most of the other students.

So what made her so knowledgeable?

If you’d follow her throughout her day, you’d notice that between classes, she would walk through the halls of her classroom buildings, or cut through other buildings on her way to another area of campus.

She was reading bulletin boards!  How elementary school!  How low tech!  How uncool!

Most academic departments have at least one large bulletin board outside of the main office, and many have several.  Some professors maintain bulletin boards outside their offices, or tape paper to their doors.

You can find almost anything there:  Apartments for rent to students who share the same major (and possibly the same schedule for carpooling!), social events for students or students and faculty together, meetings of the honor societies that focus on that major, clubs looking for new members and volunteers to help with their goals, upcoming job fairs or workshops, and often, the research that professors are publishing.

Too simple!  Too convenient!  Too low-tech, but it works.  As you have those few minutes during your day, look around and find information in the old fashioned way – on bulletin boards.

Student Success Strategy #48:  Be a low tech winner.  Read bulletin boards and office doors.


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