Student Success Strategy #45: Time Management Part IV: Location Lists

You have three dozen things to do, classes to attend, errands to run, library research to conduct, reading to complete, laundry to wash, and three phone calls to make.

A to-do list is great, but there are ways to organize it that may be more efficient than a simple list.

Index cards or electronic note cards are great for organizing based on location.  What?  How do you organize your tasks, and more important, why?

If you organize by location, and you have some waiting time, you can go to the card that corresponds to where you are to see what can be done.

Stuck on campus with two hours between classes?  Pull out the card that says “campus” and find that you can make your phone calls, visit the library rather than doing everything online, or complete your reading.  Visit a campus office for information, or simply make an appointment with your advisor.

Are you on the way home and your roommate tells  you to stay away for another hour?  Do you have groceries to buy, phone calls to make, or notes to rewrite?

What if you are at home and your next class has been canceled?  Get that laundry done while you make phone calls or rewrite notes.

If you are not always settled into one place, organizing your to-do list by location that tasks may be completed is one way to help use those moments of free time between your scheduled events.

Student Success Strategy #45:  Location lists can be useful for filling in time you “find” during the day.


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