Student Success Strategy #43: Turn it off!

Is there anything so important and urgent in your life that you must be available 24/7?  Including during the hour or so of class?

Turn OFF your cell phone.  Before class begins.  Leave it off until class ends, and leave it in your backpack or pocket throughout the class.

If you do have an urgent issue, such as a family member’s surgery outcome, then discuss that with your professor before class.  Explain that you want to be available for your family in case they need to contact you, or when there is an update to a health condition.   Then, if you get a call, or even a text, nod to your professor, motion to your phone, and quickly leave the classroom to talk or read.

This will be the least disruptive for your fellow students and the most respectful to your professor.  Even if you do not need to use this permission during the class, you will have impressed your professor with your thoughtfulness, forward thinking, and acknowledgement of the value of the class.   Beyond that, you will have created professional “face time” for the professor to remember you, your name, and a positive association.

Student Success Strategy #43:  Turn off the cell phone!  Show respect for the professor and the class.


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