Student Success Strategy #42: Weather Events

What happens if you are in college and a hurricane is approaching your campus?  What happens if a wildfire threatens your college?  How about a flood?  A tornado?  A blizzard or ice storm?

Colleges and universities are very much aware of the natural catastrophic events that can affect them, especially after the last few years.  There are emergency plans in place for your housing, food, and safety.

Before a natural event can affect you, find out what  you will be asked or required to do.  If you live on campus, there may be only one building designated for shelter.  What will you take with you?  Where should you leave your car?  What forms of entertainment do you want, especially those that do not require electricity?  Should you bring your own food?

How does your school notify you of these events?  Do they post information on their website, send out reverse 911 phone calls or texts, have audible sirens?  Maybe they have marquee signs on the campus to notify those entering of an impending or in progress emergency.

Find out early what you are expected to do, and let your parents or others know what you will do during an emergency.  If you will not be in contact during the event, let them know where they can get up to date information.  Then as soon as possible, let them know that the event is over and you are okay.

Student Success Strategy #42:  Weather events need prior planning.


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