Student Success Strategy #41: Drugs on Campus

There are drugs on campus.  Not only are they illegal and unhealthful, there are specific college rules prohibiting them.  There are consequences for using, having, or distributing.   You may be expelled from housing, from the campus and your classes, and you may be arrested as well.

If you can smell marijuana being smoked, and you are not involved, remove yourself from the area.  That will be your most important action.  If you find drugs or paraphernalia, the same action is best.

Most students do not want to report others for using drugs, but it is to your advantage to report if you could be associated with the users.  In an earlier post, I discussed how roommates can be charged with possession if drugs are found in any common areas.  It may not always be fair, but if you allow illegal activity or ignore illegal drugs and paraphernalia in a common area, you may also be found in violation of policies or guilty under the law.

Some colleges have an alcohol and/or drug amnesty policy.  In the past, many inebriated or drugged students have been permanently harmed or even died when others were afraid to call for medical help.  Under an amnesty policy, the help can be called without incriminating the caller.   Whether there is an amnesty policy or not, though, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE!  You know that the life of a student is more important than avoiding possible charges.

Student Success Strategy #41:  Drugs are on campus.  Prepare yourself to deal with all of your choices.


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