Student Success Strategy #40: Alcohol on Campus

Alcohol can be found on almost every college campus.  Not all, as there are a few campuses prohibiting it in any form, although I would guess that at least a few students ignore that rule.

But on (or near) most campuses, you can find alcohol at any party.

What will be your choice?  Think about a few things before you decide:

1.  Are you of legal age to drink?

2.  Are there underage drinkers in the group?  Could you be held responsible for their drinking?

3.  Who will drive after drinking?  Who will be a designated driver?  Is there a campus service for a ride from the party to your room or home?  Do you have enough money for a cab?  Who could you call for a ride?

4.  What rules might you be breaking if you drink, either on or off campus?  Obviously, if you are underage, you are breaking the law as well as campus rules.  But don’t forget things like public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, or disruptive behavior that may be additional violations.

5.  Who might be at risk from drinking?  Is anyone on medications that shouldn’t mix with alcohol?  What will you do if they pass out?

6.  What other risks can you anticipate?  Many who drink make bad decisions about other activities as well.  Will anyone be at risk for rape?  For fighting?

7.  What will you do if the police arrive on scene?

Student Success Strategy #40:  Alcohol on campus.  Be safe.  Make decisions before you drink.


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