Student Success Strategy #39: Be Thankful

If you are a student in a college or university, be thankful for your freedom to learn.  Our United States of America provides many opportunities for students to continue their education in so many ways, including the freedom to attend college where they want to go, subsidized student loans, opportunities for student loan payment deferrals and even forgiveness of student loans through service.  You are not limited in the field you wish to study, the opinions you form as you learn, or your choice of a career.

Take a moment today – and every day – to consider how your life is bettered through the freedom to pursue education.

Then take a moment to consider your responsibilities to pay back what you have been given.

On this Independence Day, 2012, consider your obligations to your families, who give you moral and financial support; your communities, where members pay their taxes to subsidize education; your country, where the value of education is celebrated; and  your fellow humans who create more knowledge throughout the world.  What can you do with your education to make this world a little better for everyone?

Student Success Strategy #39:  Be thankful for your freedom to pursue education.   Give back in whatever way you are able.


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