Student Success Strategy #36: Practicing Religion on Campus

Many students find that they miss the community they had at their place of worship, and miss having friends who believe as they do.  Others find that they are questioning their beliefs.   Still others are looking for friends and activities that seem safer or more welcoming than other popular campus events.

There are many ways to satisfy all of these needs on a college campus.

If you are attending a college that is supported by a religious group, you may find that there is an emphasis on the specific religion and denomination or sect of that organization.  In most cases, there will be other religions represented as well, and you are free to express your beliefs by your participation.

If you are attending a secular college, one supported by the state or a non-religious organization, there are likely to be many ways to find a religious group to your liking.   However, you may not find the groups listed under the most common terms.

There may be an organization such as Campus Ministries or Student Faith Association that includes all religions and through which you can find all the religious groups on campus and a few off campus that focus on students.  You can also look for student clubs that focus on a common belief.

If you aren’t sure where to find these groups, the following are good sources to ask:

Your resident assistant in the resident hall or dormitory

The office of student involvement (or student clubs)

The counseling center

The health center

A department teaching religion, philosophy, or ethics

Your fraternity or sorority

Your advisor

The college catalog

The college website

Your fellow students

Religious groups on campus are generally welcoming of all faiths, and understand that the college age students are often exploring to find not only beliefs but social outlets where they are most comfortable.   Even if you are simply looking for a group of friends and activities in a safe environment, religious groups welcome you and offer the opportunity for you to join in.

Student Success Strategy #36:  Opportunities for religious practice on campus range from formal to casual.  Look for what fits you.


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