Student Success Strategy #34: The Library

Tiffany had a research paper to write on a subject of her choosing in family sociology.  It was due in four weeks, so there was plenty of time to figure it out.  No need to consider the topic yet – this weekend was a football game and a party.

The new week started, and Tiffany had a quiz in History and a speech for her Communications class.  No need to start the paper when she had to focus on those other assignments.

The following weekend, she decided to go home to see her high school friends.

Week two began, and her professor reminded the class that the paper should have at least five citations from scholarly journals, a clear thesis statement, and be written in APA format, whatever that meant.  Tiffany knew she was smart enough to figure it out, and she was tired from her weekend at home.

In class on Thursday, the professor asked if there were any questions about their research paper, and offered extra office hours both after class and during the day on Friday.  Tiffany was busy packing up and didn’t take any notes on when the professor would be available.

On Sunday evening, Tiffany read over her assignments for the week to be sure she wasn’t forgetting anything.  Another quiz in History, reading for her Communications class, a few chapters and problems in her Algebra class, and two more chapters in Sociology.

You know how this goes.  One day you are on top of everything, and suddenly you have only two or three days to finish a project you haven’t even begun thinking about.

It’s time to panic!  Your other option – a much better one – is to go to the library and ask to meet with a librarian.

Did you know that librarians can help you narrow down a topic based on the requirements of your assignment?  They can help direct you to appropriate databases to find scholarly journal articles, and can teach you to determine the right keywords and search terms?  They can show you the easiest and most efficient way to find exactly what you need for research papers.

Don’t want to travel to the library?  Most college libraries have a method of contacting librarians online or on the phone.  Many college libraries have research guides to help you even when the library is closed.  These can be found on the library website or within the library in the research section.

Librarians don’t just catalog books and tell you to be quiet.  They are research experts, and they can be your best resource for academic assignments.   Don’t overlook this exceptional resource!

Student Success Strategy #34:  The library – and librarians – are one of your best resources for success.


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