Student Success Strategy #28: Roommates! Part I

Do you want to have your best friend from high school as your roommate in college?

Sometimes this makes for an easy transition to college life, but it may limit you from making new friends.  More important, not every friendship survives the year.

Do you want to take a chance on a random selection by your college for your roommate?

Just imagine the wonderful discoveries you can make, learning about other cultures, personalities, and habits.  Also imagine your worst nightmare.  While some nightmares come true, there are some milder forms of incompatibility as well.

What if one of you is a partier and the other is an early riser?  What if one of you is a classical music student and the other only listens to rap?  What if one of you is a vegan and the other eats take-out fast food burgers every night?

Should you use Facebook to meet a roommate before sharing a room?  Should you speak on the phone, or even meet before moving in?  Is texting a way to get to know each other?

With all the methods of contact available, it is likely that you won’t move in without some exchange of information with your roommate.  Will you be the first to reach out, or will you let them take the first step?

Student Success Strategy #28:  Roommates!  Be prepared for cooperation, compromise, and a few conflicts.   We’ll discuss some specific issues in later posts.


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