Student Success Strategy #25: Summer School

What does the summer semester mean for students?

1.  Vacation!  Time to relax and enjoy myself.

2.  Work!  Time to make some money.

3.  Sleep!  I need to make up all those hours I missed throughout the year.

4.  School!  A chance to take a class or two.

Summer school provides a chance to graduate early, and with less debt.   In the present economy, many colleges are increasing tuition every year.  Even one summer might lower overall costs.

Summer school may allow you to ease your schedule through the year and take advantage of other activities on campus.  Think about taking only four instead of five classes in the fall, when so many clubs and events are promoted.  Fewer classes should mean less study time.  What could you get involved with?

Remember that academics are central but not the only learning experience at college.  Consider leadership experiences, volunteering, service, musical or theater performance, or even more hours at a paying job.

Summer school allows you to experience a different atmosphere on campus.  If you begin your college career in the summer, you can learn your way around without fighting traffic, either pedestrian or vehicular.  If finding a parking space is important, the summer allows you to learn your way around before dealing with the crowds.

While some summer schedules are compressed and hectic, and some faculty members are not on campus at all, there are usually the same number of staff members throughout the entire year.  You can meet with your advisor without delay, or talk with financial aid workers at your convenience.

Student Success Strategy #25:  Summer school is an opportunity to get ahead, stay ahead, or participate ahead of the students who wait until fall.


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