Student Success Strategy #21: Time Management Part III

Reverse scheduling is a time management tool for assignments, tests, and any task that will take more than a few days to complete.

Begin by using a calendar or planner, and putting in the final due date.

Then think very critically about the tasks needed to get the job done.  Put them in order and determine how long each one will take.  Be generous in planning the time.  If you think it will take two days, give yourself three.  Unexpected snags should actually be expected, as ironic as that seems.

Then, beginning from the next to the final task, put the due date for completing that into your calendar.  Back up more and put the third final task in with its due date.  Mark your calendar backwards to show when each part of this project should be completed, and you’ll see exactly how much you need to complete and when.

If you follow this reverse scheduling, you will be able to check off each part of the project as you do it, have enough time to ask for help if you need it, and possibly even finish early!

Student Success Strategy #21:  Reverse scheduling works to keep you on track for your future assignments.


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