Student Success Strategy #15: Stay Healthy. Eat Well.

You are away from home and you can eat whatever you put on the table.

Is your food fueling your body and brain, or are you just eating empty calories with no value?

Think of a luxury car you’d like to own.  It has the power to take you to the places you want to go, and the stamina to go far, but only if you give it the right fuel.  Would you put cheap gas into this car?

Even with cheap gas, the car will run.  Not as well as it could, not as well as it was designed, not as far as it could go, and there may be breakdowns, but it will run.  For a while.

Now substitute your amazing body in place of that luxury car.  Your body has to do much more work, both physically and mentally.  You need the fuel that will fill its needs nutritionally.

Vitamin and mineral rich food is usually more expensive, but it will support the functions and health of your body much better than junk food.  Yes, your body can run on fat, sugar, salt, and carbs, like the luxury car can run on the lowest octane gas.

For a while.

When it isn’t stressed by speed, endurance, or uphill climbs.

But why not think of keeping your body, like your car, in the best possible shape?  Put an apple or a banana into your backpack for a mid-afternoon snack.  Keep a handful of nuts in your purse.  Give your body and your brain what they need, and they will help you perform at your best.

Then enjoy those chips or fries for special occasions.

Do you need more ideas on your health and wellness?  Click over to the  following blog, where there are many ideas for great eating and staying healthy!

Student Health and Wellness:

Student Success Strategy #15:  Stay Healthy.  Eat Well.  


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