Student Success Strategy #13: Study Buddies

Who is your best friend in class?  Whether you already have a friend taking a class with you, or know no one, find a study buddy.

You can define what you need in a study buddy.

You may ask them to be your contact if you must miss class unexpectedly, or if you have a question at odd times.  They can let the instructor know that you are ill if you aren’t able to contact your instructor directly.

They can pick up handouts for you, and share their notes.  They can also let you know if anything unusual came up in class, such as a surprise assignment, extra credit opportunities, or a revised due date.

You may want to develop a stronger relationship with your study buddy, and actually study together.  Sharing notes, quizzing each other, or working together on assignments that allow shared work (ask first if shared work is allowed!) can be your best defense against procrastination.

Proofread your buddy’s written assignments.  It’s much easier to find mistakes, inconsistencies, or confusing material in someone else’s work, and this way you each have a friendly helper who can help you earn a better grade while learning more themselves.

You are also more likely to come to class if you have a study buddy there.  While it may seem that you now have an excuse to skip and still get the material covered, it’s actually shown in studies that having a friend in class makes it more  enjoyable to attend, so you are more likely to go to class.   Isn’t that why you are in college?

Student Success Strategy #13:  Study buddies make it easier to succeed.


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