Student Success Strategy #10: Plan your classes

Some colleges will not let freshmen register for classes until after orientation, which is why it can be to the student’s advantage to sign up for orientation as soon as they are accepted, and to sign up for the earliest possible time.  If they need to meet with an advisor, they should do that quickly.  Even before choosing classes, there is usually a way to determine which classes are recommended for freshmen.

Read the catalog, including the academic requirements.  If you are still in high school, check with your high school counselor, who may be able to help you through this process.

The next step is to determine whether you been exempted from any requirements.  Students may have credit or exemption from general education courses from advanced placement, dual enrollment classes, or CLEP tests.  Your high school counselor should be able to help with this step.

Finally, study the course schedule to create two or three combinations of courses that will meet your requirements while setting up a convenient schedule.  Take into account whether you will also work, live on campus or commute, or have other obligations.  Be flexible, but know your limitations.

Student Success Strategy #10:  Plan your classes to meet your needs.


2 thoughts on “Student Success Strategy #10: Plan your classes

  1. Great advice for students! Planning your college courses ahead is really beneficial.

  2. Thank you. There are so many ways students can make their lives easier – and their learning more effective.

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