Student Success Strategy #9: Get Involved

College is not just about classes, studying, tests, and graduation.  You’ll miss one of the most important experiences of college if you aren’t involved with your school.

Most schools have a central office or a database of student organizations.  Larger schools are likely to have a club or organization to fit everyone’s interests.  Smaller schools may have a more limited range, but in both cases there is usually a method for students to create a group focused on their personal interests, whether it is juggling, future careers, chocolate tasting, or any other subject.

Students who get involved in at least one extracurricular activity feel more connected to their school.  They are proud of their school, and there are ways that students can feel that they are part of that pride.

Why not create success both inside and outside of the classroom?  Make a name for yourself at your school.  Join clubs.  Explore new activities, meet new friends, and learn more about yourself.  Become a leader in whatever way is best for you.  Whether it is student government or in a student organization, the experience will be worth the effort.

Every success promotes your confidence in your future.

Student Success Strategy #9:  Get involved in your school.  Success comes in many forms.


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