Student Success Strategy #6: Don’t Fool Yourself

Too many students review information for tests by reading and rereading their textbook or notes.  They fool themselves that this repetition is all they need to master the material.  The test comes, and they don’t do as well as they thought.

This is sometimes the result of students thinking that studying must be silent reading or writing.  Exactly the opposite may be the best way to study.

Asking yourself a question you think may be on the exam is a good technique, but it is easy to skim the beginning of the answer and think you understand it.

Those students who answer silently in their mind are fooled just like writers are fooled when they proofread their own work.  The writers “see” what should be there, not what is there.  When they read their work aloud, they are more likely to see the mistakes and typos.

Students “think” an answer without demonstrating the proof that they know it.  Hearing an answer out loud brings out their confidence or finds gaps in their knowledge or understanding.  It’s much harder to fool yourself when the proof is audible.

Student Success Strategy #6:  Don’t fool yourself into thinking you know the material.  TALK OUT LOUD when you study.

Talking out loud is also a benefit to those students who learn best by listening rather than reading.  Their own voice will help reinforce what they are learning.  Answering questions out loud in a group study is also just as effective.


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